Who On Earth Was Thaddeus Mist?

Cover Design by Foldline Design .

Cover Artwork by Marleen Lowe

Illusions: Or, The Widow's Tale, Story by Owen Michael Johnson, Art by Conor Boyle.

Thaddeus Mist & The Drums of A'Kra: Or, The Niece's Tale.Story by Dave West, Art by Steve Howard.

Old Wounds: Or, The Friend's Tale. Story by Mark Douglas, Art by Mark Penman.

A Modest Proposal: Or, The Vagabond's Tale. Story by Benjamin Dickson, Art by Leonardo M. Giron.

Oils: Or, The Mistress's Tale. Story by Max Deacon, Art by Nicola Patten.

Where On Earth?: Or, The Father's Tale. Story by Andrew Cheverton, Art by Jack Tempest.

The Butterfly: Or, The Priest's Tale. Story and Art by Marleen Lowe.

Nightmare Migraines (throughout) - Art by INDIO!

Lettering (throughout) - Jim Campbell.

Design (throughout) by - Foldline Design.